UHB Undergraduate Studies

Under the two aforementioned schools, UHB offers various programmes in the Undergraduate studies. At UHB,undergraduate studies have thirty six (36) taught module courses. Besides these, students are expected to take assignments, presentations and end of semester exams which collectively contribute to their final grade. Upon Completion of the course, the Student is also required to take UHB Graduate Exam (GE).

In line with the university's priorities, students are supposed to do research for their thesis paper as a requirement for the award of the Bachelors Degree. Undergraduate research students (UGRS) are guided by a supervisory team that includes at least two supervisors in vibrant and active specialist research groups. Our annual reviewers also adds external advice and encouragement to help students navigate their research projects. Our main goal is to ensure excellence in the training of scholars to write and publish impactful research papers that will aid decisions in organizations, communities as well as the country at large. The search for a place, university to study with is over. Be part of MyUHB Community today. Get your forms, get registered and study with the best!!!


Why UHB?

  • International Recognition
  • Student's career is our focus
  • An International Brand and Standard
  • Well trained professors & Lecturers
  • We are connected to the industry
  • Good governance
  • Relevant curricula
  • Profesionalism

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