Message from the Chancellor


Professor Davd Boston Kamchacha

PhD, PhD, FCIM, MBA, Bsc

I am delighted that you are joining the academic community at the University of Hebron UHB to start your career. UHB will offer you unique experience as it cultivate business development and entrepreneurial culture that motivates graduates to venture into business startup. The University of Hebron’s programmes are developed from comprehensive, thorough and extensive research on: factors contributing to increased numbers on incompetent graduates entering the workforce in Malawi; backward and non-industry sensitive training curricula, methods, tools and approaches of different universities; and finally the key skills required in different professions in the job industry.
Established in a country whose economy is primarily driven by agriculture and one of the African economies highly affected by climate change both positively and negatively, Malawi needs graduates in agribusiness and climate change and sustainable development practices in order to respond to the demand and the needs of the nation and world at large. The University also aims to attract the best qualified students who will be transformed into business innovators and indeed that will help in climate change adaptation in Malawi and beyond. In this way there will be job creation and contribution to the social and economic development. The programs are therefore carefully designed and focused on all aspects of social and economic development.

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