School of Sustainable Development

UHB School of Sustainable Development prepares you to lead in this competitive, sophisticated and global industry and gives you an advantage in understanding its unique challenges and practices. Agriculture is the largest export industry in the Malawian economy, one that continues to expand in areas of input and output markets and bio and nano-technologies, social marketing, and the emerging markets of the SADC and COMESA regions and the African continent at large. Featuring experiential learning and a core business curriculum, our innovative and wide-reaching concentrations bring undergraduate students to the forefront of one of the largest and most important sectors of the global economy.

The university of Hebron (UHB) offers a number of programmes under the School of Sustainable Development. All the programmes offered by the University of Hebron are FULLY REGISTERED by the National Council of Higher Educcation (NCHE)

Undergraduate Programmes

  • Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Development
  • Bachelor of Arts in Community Development
  • Bachelor of Arts in Youth Development
  • Bachelor of Arts in Diplomacy and International Relations
  • Bachelor of Arts in Guidance and Conselling
  • Bachelor of Arts in Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Publich Health

Postgraduate Programmes

  • Masters of Mass Communication
  • Masters of Science in Health Management
  • Masters of Diplomacy and International Relations
  • Masters of Guidance and Conselling
  • Masters of Education

Mode of Delivery

The university of Hebron offers conducive learning modes to aid students learn at their convenient times

  • Face to Face
  • Online

Admission Requrements

The University of Hebron (UHB) has a number of requirements for the admission of students into the various programmes offered by the university.

Undergraduate Programmes Requirements

  • Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) or its equivalent with 6 credits
  • An Advanced diploma for the application of Degree Completion

Postgraduate Programmes Requirements

  • Bachelors degree in any related field
  • At least 1 year plus working experience
  • Researchable reseach concept

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